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Sheer Shades


Unique, Stylish, and Functional

Sheer Shadings are a revolutionary window covering that combines the elegance of designer fabric with the functionality of blinds. Featuring S-shaped fabric vanes suspended between sheer panels, Sheer Shadings offer a unique blend of diffused sunlight and room-darkening privacy. These innovative shades exude sophistication, perfect for high-rise modern settings or timeless provincial estates.

The warm intimacy and seamless view-through of Sheer Shadings, including the motorized option for added convenience, are unparalleled in architectural design. The signature “Sheer Aesthetic” is achieved through horizontal fabric louvers or “vanes” that are back-lit between sheer panels, creating a stunning visual of vanes seemingly suspended in streaming light.

With Sheer Shadings, you have complete control over the amount of light and privacy you desire. By simply tilting the vanes from partially open to closed positions, you can achieve a full spectrum of luxurious glow, room darkening, and privacy. This innovative window covering elevates the ambiance of any space while providing unparalleled functionality, making Sheer Shadings a truly exceptional choice for sophisticated and discerning homeowners.

Vienna Glacier Sheer
Vienna Sheer Blinds
Vienna Sheer Blinds
Vienna Turnils Sheer Shade Blonde
Vienna Sheer Shade Deck Chair
Vienna Sheer Shade Deck Chair Detail
Vienna Sheer Shade OA
Vienna Sheer Shade Detail
Vienna Sheer Shade Aura Black